Data Visualization

05 March 2018 – 23 March 2018 The Brief Research Development Deliverable Github Repository Reflection ... The Brief Data is everything and everywhere. How do we make sense of such ‘big data’? This project aims to equip students with the ability to visually encode data using procedural methods, exploring different graphing ‘types’, spatial and temporal … Continue reading Data Visualization

Audio Visual

05 February 2018 – 09 February 2018 The Brief Exploration Experimentation Final Application Github Repository Reflection ... The Brief What does sound look like? This brief project is an exploration of the visualisation of sound – using sound as data. Whichever sound is used as a basis, the key idea to consider is how sound is represented graphically, … Continue reading Audio Visual

Moving Information

26 September 2017 – 20 October 2017 The Brief Week 1 — Exploration Week 2 — Concept Presentation Week 3 — Development Week 4 — The Last 10% Final Video Reflection Reading and Viewing ... The Brief Your brief is to create an imaginative piece of animated infographics, 2min 30secs in length about a topic … Continue reading Moving Information